About Us

A Vision To Better Lives

Mark Rothschild

Leopard Newsletters is the brainchild of Mark Rothschild, who has worked in the IT Industry for over 40 Years.

Mark recognised that people from all walks of life have a wide range of interests, hobbies and favourite sports. The Leopard Newsletters key objective is to develop a series of newsletters to address these interests, over a period of time. Your feedback and information is key in guiding us in the right direction, so please contact us

With the clear vision and understanding that to build a first-class business, you need a first class team, he brought specialised technologists, creative designers and other like-minded individuals into the team. With everyone in place, the goal of improving the every-day lives of people everywhere becomes a reality.


Mark's specialisation is in business process re-engineering. He has worked for organisations like IBM, ICL, Xerox and other specialised companies.


Mark runs the operations involved in Leopard Newsletters, and ensures the continued integrity of the project, its family and the suppliers partnered in this vision.